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Cadet Orientation Flying []

LIG HQ - Holbrook, NY

Sunday, 17 MAY 15

1600-1900 hours

UOD:  BDU or Flight Suit

OIC:   LtCol Rogers 


This is the only O-Flight scheduled for the month of May.  Be sure that you have taken and passed "Aircraft Ground Handling" instruction.


Cox & Company Tour and Wind Tunnel Demonstration / Cradle of Aviation [SIGN UP]
LIG HQ - Holbrook, NY - depart and arrive via CAP van

Wed, 27 NOV 2019
0745-nlt 1500
UOD: Blues or Class-C (WHITE button-down shirt, BLACK pants)
OIC: 2d Lt Wood

Meet at LIG 0745, can will depart 0800
Cox & Co 0900-1000
Cradle of Aviation 1030 and return time will depend on which show is selected:

The shows in the dome theatre for the day are as follows:
1200 hrs Fusion - 30 minutes of live planetarium / 30 minutes "Asteroids"
1300 hrs "Apollo 11: First Steps"
1400 hrs "Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation"

The show run 1hr and then departure will be made afterward returning to LIG.