Civil Air Patrol - NER-NY-311 - Events

Cadet Permission Slips for Activities [CLICK HERE]

Cadet Orientation Flying []

LIG HQ - Holbrook, NY

Sunday, 17 MAY 15

1600-1900 hours

UOD:  BDU or Flight Suit

OIC:   LtCol Rogers 


This is the only O-Flight scheduled for the month of May.  Be sure that you have taken and passed "Aircraft Ground Handling" instruction.



LIG HQ - Holbrook, NY

Sat, 9 FEB, Sun 10 FEB 2019

0800-1630 hours


OIC: Lt Col Cioffi


ES Training Mission - 116 required to attend

ICUT video training must be current for ICUT practical.


iFly Indoor Skydiving [SIGN UP]

849 Ridge Hill Blvd, Yonkers, NY
Tue, 19 FEB 2019

OIC:  2d Lt Wood


Squadron 9 is pleased to announce we are hosting a high adventure activity (or "HAA") at iFly Indoor Skydiving located at 849 Ridge Hill Blvd Yonkers, New York during President's week on Tuesday, 19 February 2019 with an appointment start time 1100 hrs.

The Cadet will experience skydiving in a wind tunnel. Prior to flying, each Cadet will receive flight training, review safety protocols and fitted for the flight gear. In connection with our Aerospace Education mission, your Cadet will participate in a STEM class that will be grouped according to middle school and high school ages. Further, the Cadets will receive a certificate of completion to take home and a souvenir. You can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions at the link below. Not sure what to expect? Check out the general itinerary of how the Cadet will progress from training to flight. Generally, all of your questions may be answered by visiting www.iFlyworld.com 

Transportation will be provided at a cost of $30 per person featuring a luxury coach bus with the capacity of 50 persons. The pick-up and drop-off points will be Starbucks 485 CR-111 Manorville, NY 11949 with a secondary pickup and drop-off at Exit 53 Park and Ride. Our appointment at iFly is 1100 hrs, so we will leave at 0830 hrs and return 1800 hrs. 

National Headquarters requires the squadron to collect and present the following forms prior to the trip: the iFly waiver, CAP Forms 31, 160, and 161. In case of emergency, we will provide you with a list of area hospitals prior to departure. iFly Waivers must be filed electronically. Directions to file the waiver will be disseminated once we have the reservation number. ALL forms are needed for submission to National Headquarters prior to our trip, so please submit paper forms to the squadron and electronic waiver as soon as practical.

The cost for the program at iFly which includes 2 flights, STEM class and activity is free to Cadets and Senior Members. Parents, please speak with me about pricing if you would like to fly. Lunch is on your own as iFly is within walking distance of many restaurants and shops. Details will be provided later along with the emergency information. 

Cadets and Senior Members, please sign up on the squadron website. We look forward to an unforgettable experience. Thank you for your continued support and participation.